Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Desktop Publishing, High School Students, & Twitter

I had such a great experience in Maureen Merighi's classroom today!  Here's part of the email that started it all.

 "For my Digital Design (Desktop Publishing) class I would like to invite you to utilize my students for your club/organization or sport teams advertising or poster printing needs. For example, if you need a flyer created or a logo designed my students are here to help you!
 I attached a "Client Proposal" that we'll need completed for us to do a project for you. We ask that you give us at least one week notice before your design may be completed. If you need a printed poster size design we will try to accommodate you. Please keep in mind these requirements as it may take longer than anticipated to complete your project. Thank you in advance for supporting our class!"
I ran into Maureen in the parking lot outside of school one morning and told her how excited I was about this project she was tackling with the students in her Digital Design class.  I filled out a "Client Proposal" for the class because I needed to advertise the fact that the school library has a Twitter account and no one seems to know about it!  How frustrating!   
Today was the day I was able to meet with the class and discuss with them what I would like to see on the posters.  To my surprise, only 2 of the 20 students had used or even explored Twitter.  That lead to a discussion of Twitter, how it worked, how to set up an account, and digital footprints.
The class then went to work on their designs and I will visit with them again to see the results of their creative work.  Ms. Merighi is providing them with a real world assignment and they are providing a service for those of us in the building that need a helping hand.  What a innovative, energetic teacher!  What a creative, curious class of students!  What a lucky teacher-librarian I am!
Do you have a teacher in your school that should be featured in a blog post?  What exciting lesson or project are they providing for the students in their class?

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