Sunday, January 19, 2014


Happy New Year!

It's only the 19th of the new year 2014, but I've been very busy-moving my son to college, dealing with a stolen car and, therefore, dealing with buying a new car (ugh!), trying to remember to write 2014 on checks and other documents, and wondering if my Target information is out there somewhere waiting to be compromised!  Oh well, life goes on.

At my high school library, the budget is almost depleted, school staff members are now sharing they appreciate the library and its goals, technology is still (always) a challenge, and the library space is active, lively, and full of wonderful teenagers.  This last fact makes me happiest of all!

Here's hoping you have a productive, exciting, and student filled new year!


Back in the spring of 2013 I was very lucky to participate as a presenter in the inaugural AASL Flash Webinar.  It was that opportunity that allowed me to meet a wonderful school librarian named Renee Rogers, from Hamilton Township, New Jersey.  Later in the fall, Renee and I were a presenting duo at the NJASL conference at Rider University.  We had a full house and great feedback.  Presenting at a state conference was an item on my bucket list, but without Renee I do not believe I would have ever accomplished it.  Thank you, Renee.

Renee is the librarian in the Steinert High School Library Media Center on Klockner Road in Hamilton, NJ.  She recently emailed me that she had been named the Teacher of the Year for her school.  I did not respond to her because I wanted to write this for her.  Renee is special.  She was named Teacher of the Year for Steinert High School!  What a great honor!  So, Renee, congratulations to you, my friend!  You deserve the honor.  You are the poster librarian for all of us!  TEACHER OF THE YEAR!

You can connect with Renee on Twitter @overdolibrarian

                                          Renee Roger with me at 2013 NJASL Conference

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