Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Starts

For me, summer starts today.  

I woke up at 5am, instead of 4:15am, roused my husband to get up for work, and proceeded to drift in and out of sleep until 7am, when I forced myself up out of a wonderfully perfect king-sized bed, down the steps to the coffee pot, and on to my lovely screened in porch, facing my five acres of wooded backyard.  I lazily drank the coffee, scrumptiously sweetened with chocolate ice cream and butterscotch syrup, and watched the morning birds feast at the feeder.  My second cup of coffee, with just the chocolate ice cream, went down slower still, as I picked up Broken Music, a Memoir by Sting.  I have read through to page 193 of the 339 page book, stopping only to tweet a few things out, talk to my nineteen year old son, Will, and watch the cardinal family stop by the feeder again, trying to teach the baby to go on her own.


I will enjoy my summer. I truly will.  I already have begun enjoying it, if you didn't understand that from my opening paragraph!

Yet I will continue to learn.  I have joined a group of educators, innovators, and writers at  I am mostly watching and lurking, listening, reading and learning.  I am not fully engaged yet and they keep telling me and others that is okay.  Thank God, because sometimes I truly believe they are speaking another language than I am. I am allowed to jump in when and if I want and I like that.  They are an encouraging bunch and I appreciate that about them.  I am the kind that takes awhile to learn and understand and, in my old age, I am no longer afraid to say that out loud.  This week they are working on memes and I just don't get it, but that's okay with me.  I am allowed not to "get things", because not everyone "gets" me!

I will continue to go into my school, into my high school library, and work aggressively in trying to make it a wonderful place for my high school students and staff.  The space has long been a "museum library" and I have just completed my second year there, trying to move the library into the 21st and 22nd century space these students need.  Check outs have doubled this year and students spent time in the library before, during and after school, working in clubs, finishing projects and homework, and enjoying the social seating and open space of the once dark and musty library.  I am so proud of what has been accomplished and look forward to continuing to reinvent the space, draw more students into the library, and work more closely with staff.



Another learning activity I will be participating in for my first time is  I will be learning Copyright for Educators and Librarians on Coursera beginning July 21st.  You should check this out as copyright is always a sticky situation in any school setting.  I cannot wait to learn more about copyright, understand it deeply, and be the "copyright maven" the Coursera staff writes about in their email.

Of course, I will continue to learn, read, and secure more knowledge through my wonderful PLN on Twitter.  Love that the most!

So, cheers, to all of you who have started your summer.  Enjoy it! And don't EVER stop learning!

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