Friday, July 11, 2014


I am participating in a MOOC ( massive open online course) this summer.  You can read more about Connected Learning MOOC at and follow them on Twitter  at #clmooc.

Cycle 4 is "Hack Your Writing".  Here's what I did this morning.

First you need to know I love to watch TV.  After exercising this morning I had my coffee while watching the show Fraiser.  It was the episode where Fraiser and his brother Niles try to work together in private practice.  I started jotting down words and phrases I heard on the show.
They were:

insanegroupindependencebell of the balldistresscouples’ therapyenoughundermine
lack of trust
certain exercises
we can trust each other
like a girl
give up
it’s hopeless
stay away from each other
outside our situation
have you lost your mind?

I used those words and phrases which had me laughing out loud while watching Frasier and developed what I call:

Overheard One-Sided Phone Conversation
(Thank You, Cell Phone Inventors)

lack of trust?

you undermine everything I do
you think you are the bell of the ball

couples’ therapy?
are you insane?

you’re vindictive and petty
Yes that’s a diagnosis

OK enough!

Look, I need my independence

give up
it’s hopeless
we can’t trust each other
we need to stay away from each other

I want to try Found Poetry next!

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  1. I love this idea for homework journals. Whatever kids are watching, they can jot their favorite lines and then write the one-sided conversation in a way like you did, that inspires a message. Thanks!